Atlases/taxon swaps involving New South Wales need to also include Jervis Bay Territory

When inspecting the Australian state New South Wales at a fairly zoomed out level, it seems like an ‘intact’ place:

However, zooming in towards the south coast, you’ll notice that the area around Jervis Bay is actually not included in the state boundaries.

That’s because this section of land is actually a separate ‘internal territory’ (made more than 100 years ago so the Australian Capital Territory could access the sea). On iNat, it’s called ‘Jervis Bay Territory’.

There have been several taxon swaps recently (including one that I did before cottoning on to this issue) where a number of records in the region were unnecessarily pushed back to genus due to the atlases not including the territory in addition to NSW. So just a heads up for any curators atlasing Australian species in the future that may not have realised this, that if you include NSW in the atlas for a species, you most likely need to also manually include Jervis Bay Territory.


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