Incorrect country borders

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): website

The screenshot shows the Explorer View, but actually I identified it using the very new Life List just launched few days ago. I noted that some animals were not being included in my list when I selected Australia as location. Then I realized the sea animals were not included, because the country boundaries are not correct, they are too close to shore so sea mammals or sea birds identified in a boat trip between the coast and an island cannot be added as a country life list.

Step 1: Write “Australia” as location to filter animals within Australia only. Either in Explore or Life List.
Step 2: You will see that some sea animals will not be included in your list. The example shows the area between Rotnest island and coast, but I recommend to check the area around Shark Bay as well. I’m sure it’s applicable for the whole world (coastal areas).

I appreciate it may be a difficult topic due to international politics/conflicts, but the fact the boundaries are too close to the coast compromises creating lists per country for whale watching tours, pelagic birds tours or diving excursions.

You can create own places that will have sea parts only, as Australia is big to get it by one place for regular user, coast should be separated. But yes, many country borders have no water at all, even when it’s even logically between peninsulas.

This is not a bug. A place covering the coast and Australia’s waters already exists:

Here are all the observations in it: