Australian bush tucker

I’m wondering if there is a project on Australian bush tucker or if plants can be identified as. Or if it is not existing, do I create my own project for it?
Thank you

Hi Jōel
I can’t find an existing Australian bush tucker project. I guess the problem is that iNat seems to discourage this (although I see there are other somewhat related projects). See a similar discussion at and the responses by @kueda which I, personally, agree with although I’m unsure if he’s talking about projects or search features


To clarify, I personally do not support edibility discussions because I see on other fora so many “edible” plants that are misidentified, and in some cases the misidentifications are for quite toxic plants. That’s my personal view :) I don’t know what iNat’s official stance is


A lot of platforms have a policy of discouraging that sort of addition or discussion as it can open them up to substantial liability when someone inevitably makes a fatal mistake. In addition, in many areas edible wild plants are already badly overharvested, or are even endangered, so some platforms don’t want to encourage more people to add to the overharvesting.

On top of that, there is the usual aspect of different regions of the world and different local administrative areas having more or less stringent legal policies concerning collecting from the wild. That can be a big mess for any sort of internationally based platform like iNat and is another reason for steering clear.

I don’t know what iNat’s specific policy regarding this is, but I know that if I was on the management team I’d advocate for not allowing this sort of thing to be posted due to the aforementioned reasons.


Among our commonorgarden are Australian brush cherry (that becomes invasive)
Coprosma berries are delicious, but tiny fruit with a huge seed.

Probably better to have a locally focused group to encourage growing local edibles in veg gardens. Bush tucker to you, veldkos to us.

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