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From reading a little on the the Discourse forum, I get the impression that topics can be auto-closed after a set time frame. I think that could be a useful feature for this group in general. I also think it might be important to the votes, because having voted on a previous topic that is not yet closed reduces the ability to vote on something new that arises (unless one wants to withdraw the previous vote). It would be easier to decide whether to withdraw a previous vote in order to vote on something new if one could see when the previous topic was going to close. I’m reacting to this message not allowing me to vote on a new topic:




hmm, that sounds annoying to me, does that mean a suggestion or question can’t be commented on by new people after that? They will probably just create new topics that would be redundant so they can comment. it seems like it should be the other way around - if people have thoughts about an idea that already has been posted about, they should put them there. Also, what if someone wants to vote on something but it’s already closed?



Looking at the Discourse conversations about votes some more, I think the number of votes one can have applied at any given time is determined by the numbers of votes and likes one gets, so I guess the closing of topics one has voted on doesn’t affect voting ability as much as I initially thought.



i guess what i am also thinking about is that new google group users always materialize and request things that have been requested a bunch of times before (the captive cultivated thing, observation linking, etc) and if those requests get locked they will ‘sink’ and people won’t be able to comment and i think that will make it more likely for people to recreate them redundantly. And i am not seeing the upside of auto closing feature requests. Closing them when they are either implemented or the admins say they are not going to do them does make sense though.



This is why we set up the Feature Requests category to require moderator (currently only me) approval before a topic gets posted. So this shouldn’t be a problem (fingers crossed).

@paloma I would like to at least try to not have Feature Requests topics close automatically as it puts the onus on iNat staff to be on top of the Feature Requests category, closing topics as needed (either because they’re being implemented or will not be implemented) and being in contact with everyone.

As far as I understand it, a user gets a certain number of active votes depending up on their trust level, which is not only determined by likes, but consistency in coming to the forum, writing topics, etc etc. Those votes can be applied to active topics. If you voted for a topic and it gets closed, you get that active vote “back” but your total number of active votes will not increase until you attain a higher trust level.



Thanks for explaining, Tony.



I’ve been noticing topics that say they will be closed 2 months after the last reply. Are these chosen on an individual basis? Is there notice to the person who started the thread? Just curious, since this seems like something new.

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I added that to several categories, such as Nature Talk, General, and News/Updates.



Oh my, 2 months, with an intensive 3 month field season about to begin… :grimacing:

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