Allow posters of threads to close and reopen their own threads

As the title says: if somebody posts a topic, they should be able to close it when they think they’re done with it, and likewise they should be able to reopen it when it turns out they’re not. Of course forum moderators should be able to override this if the need arises.

It’s great that @bouteloua is able to reopen a large number of her own feature requests. I would like to be able to do this for my own feature request that was closed by @tiwane too soon. As it is, my only options seem to be to post a new thread, which I guess I’m doing here, or @mentioning forum moderators, which I guess I did as well, but am not too eager to do. All this would be unnecessary if I could have closed and reopened my thread myself.


You caught me in the middle of this task. It’s just easier for me to know which of my own requests were “tabled” or “in progress” vs. “rejected”, so I started with those, and this one, which prompted me to do this anyway:

I think messaging @moderators (or a specific moderator) is sufficient if you think your own topic needs to be reopened.

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Thanks for reopening the thread. @mentioning moderators is difficult, however, if the thread is closed. I’d have to use somebody else’s thread to do this, which isn’t optimal. I still think it’s a good idea to allow people who post threads some autonomy over their own threads.

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I mean sending a message:

@ mentioning @moderators doesn’t actually do anything (it doesn’t generate a notification for us), but you can send a private message to @moderators which goes to the whole group.

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I see, thanks.

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As far as I can tell, this isn’t an option on Discourse.

I understand the reason for closing feature requests, as people can get their votes back, but why close other threads? Threads ‘close’ themselves by people not adding new comments. If someone has something new to add, they should be able to ‘reopen’ it by commenting.

Probably to stop getting notifications about it if you tired of the way the discussion ended up going.

You don’t need to wait for the thread to be closed to escape it. If you are getting tired of the way a discussion is going, just go down to the bottom of the tread and change it from ‘tracking’ to ‘normal’ or even ‘mute’.


Thanks for taking a look.