Back button does not work as expected on dashboard

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Step 1: Browse your dashboard (aka “home” page)

Step 2: Scroll to the middle of the page, choose an arbitrary notification, and press “View Observation”

Step 3: On the observation page, press the browser’s back button to return to the dashboard

The resulting behavior evidently depends on the operating system. On MacOS 10.13.6, the back button brings you back to the point where you clicked “View Observation” (as expected), but on iPadOS 16.1.1, the back button always returns to the top of the dashboard. This behavior makes it difficult (if not impossible) to browse your dashboard on an iPad.

Can anyone replicate the behavior on iPad? TIA

In Chrome on a PC, the back button takes me back to the specific point on the dashboard where I left (not the top).

I don’t have Chrome on an iPad, but in Safari on an iPad, I get the same behavior.