Interacting with an observation causes old comments to jump to the top of the dashboard

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Step 1: Follow (or ID/comment) an observation.

Step 2: Somebody else adds a comment. It shows up at the top of your dashboard as normal.

Step 3: Wait for a few more notifications (IDs, etc.) to come up and push that comment farther down your dashboard.

Step 4: Add a new comment (or, at least sometimes, an ID - maybe it has to be an ID with a note) to the observation.

Step 5: The other user’s earlier comment will appear at the top of the dashboard as though it was just posted.

Here this comment by edanko on this observation shows up at the top of my dashboard, even though I have two later ID notifications on other observations.


Is that a bug? I thought that was the intended behaviour.

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If it’s not a bug, it still doesn’t seem right. If I see a comment on my dashboard, then leave a comment responding to it, why would I want to be alerted to the comment I responded to a second time?

I also experience the same occasionally, but K didn’t think it was a bug