Bad "update" in Portuguese language localization

I use iNaturalist in Portuguese (Brazil) and some days ago (not sure when), some translations changed. A lot of taxons’ names doesn’t have capital letters now, as in “família Halictidae” and “tribo Augochlorini”. Also, it’s written “género Augochloropsis”, but in Brazilian Portuguese it should be “Gênero”, that way of writting is European Portuguese.
Also, “subscriptions” to places and taxa is translated “subscrições”, and before it was “inscrições”, which is way better. In the profile page, the favorite taxa is now translated “taxa favoritos” (this doesn’t even make sense in Portuguese) and it should be “Táxons favoritos” (with a capital letter, of course).
Everything was right before the change. Why this happened? Can it be reverted?

Edit: another thing I noted. “Save”, as in the profile’s configurations, is now translated as “Guardar”, which is another European Portuguese translation. What appeared before, and what is correct for BP, is “Salvar”.
And a screenshot of what the taxonomy of G. applanatum looks like, with almost everything with no initial capital letters:

The correct translation to “subscriptions” is “subscrições”. Taxa is the plural of taxon. The word “taxons” doesn’t exist.

“Inscrição” and “subscrição” are both correct translations to “subscriptions”, but the first one is most common used. “Táxon” is often pluralized as “Táxons” in (Brazilian) Portuguese, or even “Taxones” (,
Another thing I noted is that the button “grid”, while browsing observations, is now translated as “grelha”, which is used in European Portuguese. “Grade” is the one most used in Brazil.
I think someone merged the Portuguese (Brazil) and the Portuguese languages…

I think they are using the original latin words taxa and taxon.

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Translation is done by volunteers on Crowdin, and you can learn all about it at If you want to change or update translations in Brazilian Portuguese, head over to and add better translations. If there’s an existing one, you should leave a comment and mark it as an “issue,” but please keep in mind that I generally can’t make good decisions about language-specific problems, e.g. “subscrições” vs “inscrições.” I generally try to leave those decisions to proofreaders, and I try to assign proofreaders for a language based on how many translations they’ve added and whether their username matches an existing iNat username, so please use your iNat username if you choose to sign up on Crowdin. I don’t we currently have any proofreaders in Brazilian Portuguese b/c none of the translators look like iNat users.

FWIW, the text Subscriptions has been translated as Inscrições for at least 10 months, so I’m not sure you would have noticed a change recently in that case.

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