Batch deleting unsuitable observation from project based on location

I manage a small project and I had been batch entering data into project because for some reason it wont automatically include data within the boundaries drawn. I would search for data listed for the area then batch add to the project. My other project automatically uploads observations uploaded within its boundaries. Not sure what i did differently to force me to batch add to the one and automatically add to the other.

The other issue is that I did something wrong and now have a sizable number of observations from other areas. I see there is a link that brings these unsuitable observations up but I cant find a way to batch edit to remove them just from the project. I started doing them one at a time but eventually noticed there was 100s of unsuitable observations and will take me forever to get them all removed. There has to be an easier way that im not seeing.

because you created one collection project and one traditional project

collection projects automatically collect observations based on their defined filters, as you want to happen
traditional projects require manual addition of records

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Ah where can I change that or can I ?

Ahh figured it out - Thank you - might solve both problems! Thank you!!!


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