Batch edit year observed without changing other values


I’ve been eagerly uploading all of my old pictures, taken over the last 10 years, and have gotten several hundred in already. I just now realized that my camera’s date stamps were a year off. Some are off by more than that, and I’ll have to replace the whole date. But I was surprised to find that it’s apparently impossible to batch edit only one field of the date. When I entered eg “2008”, it didn’t just change the year: it replaced the whole date with only the year. Is there currently a way to do this? If not, maybe it’s a feature worth considering (I can’t be the only one boneheaded and unlucky enough to get into this situation).


I feel it is rare enough an occasion, and simple enough to edit the date and modify just the year part, that it really doesn’t need changing the site to make it even easier. Development time is, in my opinion at least, better spent on more urgent changes needed.

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