Batch upload CV fails to load with >40 observations

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Platform : Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Firefox

When batch uploading on the website with Firefox on Ubuntu, CV suggestions fail to load when I am trying to simultaneously upload more than 40 or so observations.
For my workflow, I drag and drop all observations into the upload window, select all and add date and location (I typically upload many observations when blacklighting all from one location).

After approx. 40 observations, clicking the “species name” box causes the “loading species suggestions” window to show indefinitely - never suggesting an ID. Submitting the already loaded suggestions and starting a new batch with the remaining observations solves the problem.

I would encounter this issue with 80+ on Chrome and I just have to load smaller batches. I don’t know a fix. The “loading suggestions” would sit there for minutes at a time even with a Luna Moth or something very easy. Quickly blowing through ID’s using the AI CV to fill in names was fast, until it suddenly wasn’t! It happens regardless of time of day or type of observation/number of pictures. I think the batch uploader just gets overwhelmed. Many times I would walk away for 10-15 minutes and it would start loading again, but even then only for 5-6 more ID’s and it would stop loading again. For large batches I can’t avoid I would upload without ID’s and then ID them individually if I really had to load a 100+ batch.

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The next time this happens, can you please open up your browser’s console and share a screenshot that includes the console? The console records error messages and those can help us determine the cause.

yep. Happy to provide screenshots of errors - I’ll update this thread when I do

All good, we believe we found the culprit. We made a Github issue here: