Battery Drain using Seek app

Hi, first post. Downloaded the app a couple of days ago but found it’s very draining on battery (iPhone SE2). 10
IDs in garden took battery from 95% to 5%. Updated app today and 1 ID took 10% off the battery. This is on WiFi with an ID in seconds and location off. Is this normal? If so it means using it outdoors on a walk useless as phone will be dead in no time, which is a shame as it’s been 100% correct on test subjects

No, it shouldn’t get so much battery, are you sure your phone battery is not old enough? To keep energy it might be better to make photos with your phone camera, using app later when you can use a charger.

Battery is fine with everything else and lasts a full day of normal use. It’s only the seek app that seems to drain it. While using the app I can see the % drop about 2% each second!

So, you’re using Seek, not iNat app, right?

Yes. Is there another app? Seek was the one recommended to me

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Seek is only for your use, iNat is a database with a great community (both on app and website) where your records are seen by others, with open licence they’re copied to GBIF.


Ah gotcha. It’s seek that’s draining the battery

Seek! is for children. You can install it if you want to earn badges. Guess youhave to turn Seek off to save your battery when you are not ID-ing. I installed it to check the translations…

Why and who recommended Seek? I see Seek used in articles to compare it with other identify-apps. Because the identify-model is simplified you can turn your Wifi of when identify-ing but the results are probably worse.

It was recommended in an allotment forum for IDing plants, vegetables and weeds

iNat is better for that purpose as your observations will be reviewed by others, including professional botanists.

Check your phone settings and what permission the apps you’re using have.

It’s pretty common for a location based app to keep using the GPS (and draining lots of power even in the process) even when the app is not being used. Set all your apps to only use the GPS (“Location Services” on an iPhone, don’t know what it’s called on an Android phone) when the app is actively in use.

That may be where the power draw is coming from. It’s a good idea to set all apps to only use location services when actively in use, and to prevent ones that don’t actually need to know your locations from using it at all.


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