Best Method for Tagging Observation at My Location

Hello, I am going to catalog all the species I can on my small lot as I rewild it with native species and add a vernal pool, etc.

What would be the optimal way to tag or do this here? List, Place, Project? I don’t want to do it incorrectly or make a mess.


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Personally, I’d do it as a project

Yes, after looking at the various ways I see this is really the only logical way.

Yeah, you could pretty easily make this a collections project. Just make a place for your house on google earth, add the place under some eclectic sting of numbers and letters to make it not be recognizable that it is a house, then just add that string to your place name.

Google Earth:,-94.25836821,-4345.10327236a,11818727.96861172d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=OgMKATA

Add place:

New Collections Project:

Can I add past observations to this project once I add it?
I made a pinned location for my suburb.

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There are a couple of types of projects: collection projects and traditional projects.

If you choose a collection project, all observations that meet the required criteria (e.g., they are in a specific place) will be added automatically, regardless of when the observations were created.

If you choose a traditional project, you do not need to create a place; if you want an observation to be included in the project, you add it manually. You can do this for both new observations and existing ones.

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