Better visibility of photos when editing

When returning to edit an observation and delete some of the photos, I’d really like to be able to see all the photos at once to compare and contrast, or flick through them as I do in the main observation view. Within the edit environment, having to click to see original and then have that open in a separate window feels pretty slow and limiting if you need to compare images with one another. Could this not be smoother?

Similarly/alternatively when choosing which photos to include in a set when uploading, it would be great if you could choose to edit whilst the photos are full size, not just the thumbnails. If I have a set of 15 photos, some differences are only visible at full size and it can be difficult to find the connected photo in the thumbnail set once the viewer reduces back down in size. Maybe just if there was something like a - minus button on the top right as well as the X close button in this viewing state?

i don’t necessarily disagree what you’re describing might be useful, but in the grand scheme of things, this seems like a relatively uncommon use case. how often are you trying to rearrange a large number of photos? (i usually try to add my photos during the upload process in the order that i want them to appear, and that seems to help me avoid having to rearrange photos after the fact.)


We won’t be moving forward with this request.

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