Photo Browser - Full Size Photo Symbol without jumping to Observation

In the /browse_photos system to scroll through photos (“View More” from a taxon) you cannot enlarge a photo as you can with an observation photo; if you click on it it only becomes slightly bigger (much less than full size), on contrast to an observation photo that enlarges to full size. Example URL
Currently you have to go to the observation and find the photo in question among the observation photos.
This is very impractical when trying to study a large number of photos in the photo stream for specific features (either checking for wrong IDs, learning from the photos, or spotting for a guide the photo that shows a character the most clearly).
My recommendation is that in the /browse_photos taxon photo view there should be an option to enlarge the photo fully. Ideally a discreet symbol when you hover over the photo - before even clicking it (sample 1 below, the yellow square symbol) - and(/or) a discreet symbol or word once you’ve clicked the (+) button (sample 2 below, yellow square indicator), which is less ideal because it’s a two-stage click. There is huge amounts of room for such a symbol in both placings.

  • W10 Desktop (Firefox Beta)