Bizarre browser bugs

Platform : Website, Windows

Browser : Chrome

For the past 36-48 hours I’ve been having a lot of ‘Too Many Requests’ pop up that prevent me from loading observations or notifications, or sometimes the whole website. It’s unaffected on mobile thankfully, I thought it would go away after a while but it’s still happening.

Screenshot (8)

Now today, we have THIS problem, ontop of the other two

When I check my observations tab, it looks like this instead of a ‘too many requests’ error…
I’ve made sure this is just an iNaturalist issue, and not a me/my computer/browser issue, all other websites are unaffected thankfully.

i don’t think this is really a browser issue. see

you may want to let iNat staff (through the iNat Help Desk) know where you’re working from and which ISP you’re using from your computer. (i assume you’re using a different connection for your mobile device.) if you can tell them (privately) the specific IP address you’re working from (from your computer), that might be useful.

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Weirdly enough I’m using the same connection for both, I’m not sure why just my browser is being weird and buggy…

Where would I find this?

ISP = internet service provider, aka the company that provides your internet access.

Oh sorry, I meant the help desk


I am having the exact same issue you are having. But mine is also affecting the app.
I tried updating my browser (firefox) and have tried different browsers, but none is working.

Would love to see that resolved.

another person in western Canada. you should go to the helpdesk and (privately) let the staff know which ISP you’re using, plus your IP address, if you know how to figure that out.

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thanks, yes I did.
And just tried on my wife’s devices, same thing (phone and browser).

Thanks :)

Ok, i just happened to find a solution to mine. As simple as it is, I just unplugged my Starlink and let it reset completely.
Obviously I should have tried that before, but hey, maybe it helps somebody else running into that issue.

go iNat :)