"Too many requests" preventing me using the site

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Step 1: I filled this out back to front. When I log into iNat the first screen is the meassages dashboard drop down. Sometimes I can go to my observations but it diplays incorrectly with what seems overlaps of others posts. From observations, the dashboard entries, Explore or Upload I get a message saying “Too many requests”. So basically I can’t use.

Step 2: I use a MacBook Air Version Sonoma 14.1.2 and Google web browser.

Step 3:

open up your browser’s developer tools. look in the console. what error messages do you see?

Things like the Browser and the URL you’re trying to access are very important here, as mentioned before the Developer Console can also give you much needed information.

In general I can say, to prevent a HTTP 429 Error, don’t click one button 10 times, the website might be loading meaning the Request is already sent, sending another request without waiting for the previous requests response is how this is caused most of the times

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@pisum Thanks for the reply. I don’t have a clue about opening the browsers developers tolls. Can you plase give me any clues how to do this on my Mac. Is it in the Safari app? TIA

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you said you were using a Google browser, which i assume is Chrome. see https://developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/overview#open.

Thanks for that but I don’t think it is chrome. I googled after I got your message but then had to go out. I’ll have a go at fing similar to the above. Cheers.

Thanks for tips. Appreciate your help.

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Thanks so much. I’m not sure how but it is working again and I am very happy. I don’t think anything I did fixed it so maybe someone did something for me. Very grateful. Cheers.


We had limited requests from a range of IP addresses to manage web crawler traffic, but thanks to your report @lynsh we narrowed the affected range.


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