"Blank" observation

This observation won’t load for me, either on the observation detail page, or on Identify.


same here, i can’t see it either

yep, total invisibility (Firefox 64.0.0 on Linux)
also blank on Samsung Galaxy 7 (Chrome)

Loads fine for me, although this is the first time I’ve tried it. Are you still not able to load it?

It now loads for me too.

OK, I’m going to close this topic. If it happens again let us know.

First, is there a way to re-open topics in this forum, should be a way to continue a thread - anyway re https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/blank-observation/207

I have had this sort of problem with a few observations, usually after I have added something to the observation - just get a blank page between the head and footer sections of the page.

I have tried refreshing the page, various browsers (Firefox, MS Edge) and different computers (Windows, Linux) to ensure it wasn’t just a caching problem. If I view page source there is plenty of content there, so some sort of rendering problem.

Latest is https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/4198196

I’ve saved a copy of the page via the browser if that’s liable to be any use.


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Re-opened this topic and moved your post here, @tony_wills.

Ok, 18 hours later it is loading up and displaying ok.

Yes. The bug was apparently due to the fact that the observer opted out of Community ID and did not add their own ID. @pleary made a fix.

Thanks Patrick! :-)

and of course, as usual, thanks again Tony :-)

Blank observation for me (Safari for Mac 12.0.3 and Firefox 63.0.3):
The observations before and after this one load fine. (e.g. 22718820 and …22)

I see the same as you do with Safari 12.1 on a MacBook

We’ll take a look on Monday.

That one loads for me now.