"Your observations" not loading


Firefox, Chrome, and Edge


I’ve tried on multiple computers, but no matter what I do, the observations on this page do not load.

that link loads straight away for me

Yeah, it wasn’t working for me for the last month or two, and it also just started working for me again 5 minutes ago… I just uploaded my first big batch of observations in more than a year, so that may have something to do with it?

Another page that the observations still do not load for me:


Do you also have an error for the above user?

nope, that link loads instantly for me too

Once I open this page, the observations don’t load even if I leave the page open for many minutes.

Also load right away for me as expected.

Can you try a VPN? Could be something with your provider.

you need to open up your browser’s developer tools an note any error messages that pop up.

you can also try in a private browsing session to see if that helps. (often that will help to rule out a browser extension problem.)