Blurry photos on iOS app camera roll page

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS

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Step 1: click observe

Step 2: click camera roll

Step 3: see screenshot- they’re blurry. For comparison, I’ve added a screenshot of what my photo library currently looks like. This is an issue because it makes choosing the clearest photos for ID difficult in app.

Lol your camera roll looks like my camera roll.

Have you tried submitting an observation and checking if that photo ends up blurry? What I do usually is actually make a separate album and put the photos I want to upload on iNat there first.


That’s absolutely a viable solution, thanks! I also just kinda wanted to give feedback about the iOS app update but didn’t know a better way to do it.


I have the recent iOS version and I don’t see the blurry photo issue you described. Have you tried restarting the app too to see if the problem repeats?

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I have tried restarting it, yes. No luck.

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Which version of iOS is your device running?

iOS version 14.0, the newest (and not great if you ask me) update.

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Thank you!

I should clarify- once posted, the photos are no longer blurry. It’s just when browsing the camera roll within the app that the photos are blurry.


Thanks. For what it’s worth, we plan on using the new built-in iOS 14 photo chooser in future updates. It’s looking good on my iPhone XS in the beta release.

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That was what I meant when I asked that question.

I totally misread your initial question, yikes! Sorry.