iOS App 3.0 - Camera in app cannot focus well

I have the same problems with blurry pictures since App version 3.0. I have iOs Version 13.6.1 on iPhone 11.

  • autofocus seems unblurry, take the picture. It looks like quality of pictures is set to 50%.
  • sharp pictures with my clip on macro lens are quite impossible now. I think, it’s all a autofocus problem of iOS build in. Older App-version didn’t used this autofocus?
    Sry bad English.

Sounds like you’re describing a different problem? This bug report is about the quality of photos being displayed in the camera roll. I believe you’re describing a problem when using camera within the iNat app, correct?

If so, I’m not able to replicate the issues you’re seeing when I use version 3.0 on my iPhone XS running iOS 14. Pictures are very sharp and focus fine.

Yes tiwane you’re right. Different problem.

All good! I moved it to a new report.

If you can tell me which device you’re using, which version of iOS it’s running, and share and screenshots, that would be helpful.

Hey @tiwane, thanks for splitting. Does the App version 3.0 use the iOS build in camera API? The versions before had an own implementented camera usage? The older App-version had a slower focus following (right english word?), so I could follow moving bees with my clip on macro lens without permanent auto focus loose.
Not moving objects are sharp as before.

Hey @tiwane, please close the bug. With iOS app version 3.0.3 the focus works very good again and there is no loosing of focus anymore. I don’t know, what they changed, but is very sharpe even with my clip on macro lens!