Boolean operators for iNat searches

The inclusion of ‘AND’ and ‘NOT’ in searches would be useful for anyone wishing to simultaneously view different taxa, or to exclude groups. If someone was an expert in both grasshopper and scorpion ID, for example, viewing both would require them to view all Arthropods as well. Similarly, if I want to ID Gastropods, I have to wade through all the nudibranch pictures (which dominate) to view the other taxa too. Any chance of a feature like this being implemented?


This originally came in as a feature request but I popped it over in General instead because you should be able to do these searches with some existing tools:

You can read more about some modifications to search URLs that aren’t in the website’s user interface filters here:


Cheers for that, didn’t realise that functionality was available.

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Thank you! I’ve already started using some of these tips and I’m sure will use more.

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How can I use Boolean operators of searching tags or descriptions? Like search for “elevation 2200 OR elevation 2400”? The number of observations I can simply add from 2 separate searches, but the number of species I cannot, because they overlap.Thanks for any comments.

Tags/descriptions don’t implement OR, you’d have to export both searches and do your own OR.

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