Bug: Inaturalist French version. Some common names appear in English


  • Acer negundo: listed as Boxelder instead of Erable negundo
  • Turdus merula: listed as Eurasian blackbird instead of merle noir
    If you already have an existing category for this type ofbug report, let me know.

What type of device are you using and from which locality? It can happen when e.g. your phone is in English or you’re in a country that speaks 2 languages, though on app it often shows English names if there’re no local common names (which is not your case, as both species you listed have correct French names assigned).


The two species have french names… see comment below.

Did you mean it just as a quick links for others or something else? Because e.g. for blackbird I see a French name just as OP named it (Acer negundo has a different, but still a name).

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Quick reference. But https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/12716-Turdus-merula does not give a French name for me…

I wonder if those names have assigned places to them, and thus are not shown if you’re not there, but only curators can see that.

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Just checked; the french name for Turdus merula isn’t assigned to a place.

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Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices: https://www.take-a-screenshot.org

Thanks all for your input.
I am located in France and I am using a laptop.
Here is a double screenshot, showing that the common names of 2 species are not in French while the rest of the screen is. So far, I have only noticed it for 2 species.

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The bug also appears here:

The bug also appears here:

Other bug (last screenhot) :

The species’ country of origin should be in French in a French sentence, not in English

‘Originaire de United States’ should be ‘Originaire des Etats-Unis’ (or even better ‘Originaire d’Amérique du Nord’

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The common name of this plant appears in English in the French language page
https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/59029-Verbascum-thapsus (select ‘français’ in the footer)

List of such bugs, so far

  • Acer negundo: common name is in English in a French language page
  • Turdus merula: common name is in English in a French language page
  • Verbascum thapsus : common name is in English in a French language page
  • Daucus carota : common name is in English in a French language page
  • Alliaria petiolata: common name is in English in a French language page
  • Reynoutria japonica : common name is in English in a French language page
  • Sambucus nigra : common name is in English in a French language page
  • Country of origin (‘United States’) is in English in French language pages

Similar bugs in Spanish pages

  • Turdus merula : common name is in English in a Spanish language page (instead of mirlo común
  • Acer negundo : common name is in English in a Spanish language page (instead of arce negundo)
  • Country of origin (‘United States’) is in English in Spanish language pages

Similar bug in Chinese pages. There is no Chinese common name, therefore the title name should be the latin name, not the English name.

I suspect this is because you’ve chosen the United States as your common names place (go to Account Settings → Content and Display). Does it look liek this?

If so, then iNat prioritizes common names associated with the United States, regardless of your account’s language preference. Try removing that place preference. If I remove United States preference and change my locale to French, I see the French common name:

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You are right.
‘Prioritize common names used in this place.’ was incorrectly set to United States
I removed it and every went as expected.
Thanks all.


Great! Glad that worked.

Yes, great.

The only bug I see is that the locale=fr effect does not seem stick to subsequent pages. It would be a great feature since the language could be specified in a reference URL, in an article, for instance.

personally, i don’t think the effect of the locale and preferred_place_id parameters should be “sticky” across pages. the fact that the website already defaults to the user’s account settings, or to the web browser’s default language, seems sufficient, and the parameters should override only on the specific pages to which they are applied.

just for reference, this is another thread by the same original poster which probably should be merged with this one: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/inaturalist-french-version-feature-request-language-specification-in-the-url/32770.

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