Correct common name for my language not shown

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Common names are shown in english on the identify page but in norwegian on the explore page. Also on detail page of taxons it always shows the norwegian common name in the tab name but only sometimes as the title on the page itself. It seems if the norwegian common name is newly added it will not show on the page title, only in the browser tab name.

Step 1: Prioritize common name and names used in Norway

Step 2: Check identify page, explore page and taxon detail page

I’m also getting an error when trying to upload screenshots to this post: “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.” Tried with png and jpg.

If name is not set as “official” it won’t be shown at the top of taxon page, but would be searchable, though species you linked is not the case of that.
I see its name in Norwegian on those pages:

(I don’t know why iNat still shows some taxa names in Russian though)

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For example for brachyura detail page: Tab name, page header

Also observation page showing correct names, identify showing everything in english

I had my locale set to “Norsk bokmål” but everything was still in english. I hadn’t thought of that. I changed to english, refreshed and then changed to “norsk bokmål” again and now it seems like all the content on the page is in norwegian but the common name issue was also fixed.

I thought the locale setting in account setting didn’t affect the common names but it looks like it does

I found the answer here after doing some more digging:

The common names did not have a place affiliated with them so they were shown in english since that was the system language I had on the website.


It would however be nice if it was possible to add a place to common names added by other users.

Only curators, staff, and the user who added the name can edit a name, including adding a place to it. You can flag a taxon and ask for it to be edited.

For what it’s worth, the place attribute for names is designed for situations where common names for the same taxon within the same language might different geographically (eg Mexico and Colombia might have different Spanish names for the same taxon). I suspect a lot of Norwegian names don’t have place attributes, although I don’t know for sure.

What would be best is to have an option to choose both a language and place preference for common names, separate from the operational language of the app/website. Something we’d like to do eventually, but it gets complicated with more options.

Since this bug report is solved, I’m going to close it.