Select common name place in Seek

For me, each time I explore iNaturalist I faced Common Name that does not reflect my reality. Take the bull frog for example, there are two French names for this species, but one is used in Canada and the other in France. If I read the fact sheet for this species in iNaturalist this what I found, but if I used the apps or the web site, only the first French name from France will be seen by me or other users that choose to work in French.

It is possible to push further Common Name to location (eg. French Canadian instead of just French)? Or at least show the two possibilities together?
That may seem a picky demand, I understand. But here, we face loss of diversity in culture. The word that was used by my father and even today by local authority is bypassed (sorry for my English).

Hi @daniel263, that one’s a different request than the place you posted, so I moved it to its own topic. It’s definitely not picky to want to see the names used in your area! :)

Merci beaucoup d’aider

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You can set your place to Canada in account settings, if you see common names not bound to a place you can add a new one for that place or maybe add a flag so curstors could do it with already existing name?

I changed my language setting to Français (Canada) and français. Both returned a Bullfrog translation of Grenouille-Taureau, which, as @daniel263 notes, is the Parisian French name. In the Taxonomy tab (which is translated as Taxinomie rather then Taxonomie and I’m pretty sure that’s wrong) there are two entries of French common names, Grenouille-Taureau and Ouaouaron, the latter being what it is called in French-speaking Canada. In both instances my Place was Canada.