Bug with the display in Explore


I did some research to see if this bug has already been discussed on the forum, but I found nothing.

The bug is occurring on the website. I am using a samsung tablet. I open iNaturalist with Google.

When I scroll through the observations in Explore, after a certain number of parade observations, there is a loading icon that appears while another observation is loading. So far everything is normal. But when the sightings load, and the loading icon disappears, the name of the species below the photos is not displayed normally.

I have trouble explaining the bug in writing, but I think my screenshot shows the bug well.

same as https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/the-covid19-mask-bug-display-issue-on-longer-pages-under-explore-observatoins-grid/14359, i think. you may want to take a look over there to see what they’ve been reporting over there, and report your own details over there.


thank you,

Yes it is the same bug.

Closing to focus the bug report in one place. https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/the-covid19-mask-bug-display-issue-on-longer-pages-under-explore-observatoins-grid/14359