The Covid19 mask bug: Display issue on longer pages under EXPLORE > Observatoins > Grid

Platform (Website):
Browser, if a website issue (Chrome v83, Windows 7 Enterprize Service Pack 1) :
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The first 11 lines of the grid page display OK, but from then on the text below the pictures has (1) the words unkwnon (in taxon appropriate colours), even when known, (2) flows below the next picture, and (3) I thought I was wearing a covid mask, but I see it is a default silhouette of a person in front of the observer image. (4) the symbol displaying the number of photos displays for 1 photo as well as several (instead of only for 2 or more images; (5) species names are prefixed by “Species” & (6) Common names display twice, separated by the taxon rank.

This happens occasionally, not every time, but often enough for it not to be a rare event. I suspect when the internet line is not perfect, something goes wrong with the uploading of additional pictures on when one scrolls down.
The observations up to line 11 are OK, all those below show this.


We have had loadshedding today - might it be glitchy at those times?

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Can you provide a screenshot of the browser’s console for this page?

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I have also experienced this, but put it down to some problem with my internet connection. I would say it has happened to me about 4 times in the last month. I usually just close iNaturalist when it happens, and it is fine the next time.

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Made an issue here:

If it is of any interest, I’m using Firefox 78.0.1, on Windows 10.0.18362
I’m in a rural area using satellite internet, and it is very slow at times.

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Thanks! If you want to share a console shot as well, that might be helpful.

No worries, I will do that if the error re-occurs.

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to this. It is not because I haven’t had the error. For many months I could not access the Forum - it got stuck at performing TLS handshake and would never load. That is now resolved, but I haven’t been using “Explore” much. Today I’ve got the error and taken screenshots of it and the console.

Can you try clearing the browser’s cache? Here are instructions for how to do that in Firefox:

OK, have done. Will let you know if/when the “Unknown” error happens again. Thank you.

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That didn’t take long…

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So it looks like you were searching observations in Australia and going through them page by page and when you hit page 10 of results you started seeing the bug?

What is your internet speed? You can test it here:

As I mentioned further up this thread, I’m in a rural area with satellite internet, and sometimes it is very slow. Right now I got: “Your connection is good. Based on your current download speed of 13.605 Mbps…” but I don’t know what the speed might have been the other day when that occurred.

Yes, I was Exploring observations in Australia. The other thing that happens when this “bug” occurs is that I cannot advance to the next page, as the boxes at the bottom of the Explore page that indicate the pages never appear. I just get the circling thing (sorry, don’t know that that’s called. It used to be an hourglass.) This is why when I get this “bug”, I just close iNaturalist and come back some other time.

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