Button for adding media doesn't work on forum

Can’t understand what exactly is causing it, but clicking on adding photo on the forum on my smartphone doesn’t lead to anything other than closing the keyboard. I thought it nay be linked to permissions of apps, but iNat forum is not listed in an app list and I can’t change anything. What can be done about it?

Hmm, it might be device and browser specific. Which kind of phone OS/version and which mobile browser are you using? On Android 10 using the Chrome browser it shows this when I tap the little photo to add media.

I’m using not the browser one, but separate “app” which is probably just a link added to the screen.

I’m using Xiaomi Mi9 on Android 10, I don’t know which browser is used on it (how it’s called), it’s not Chrome.
I checked it’s working in browser, but not in this “app”. But I’d like it to be working there, as it’s what I use for forum.

I usually just use the browser but I tried adding the link “app” to my home screen too. I get the same options as before when I click the “add photo” icon after clicking the “app” icon. Just to clarify, you mean this button right?

Yes, when I click on it the keyboard closes and the “window” of a comment fully opens up till the bottom of the page, but nothing else happens.

Can you take screenshots of before and right after you tap on the add media button? You might need to report this on the main Discourse forum since it’s probably not just the iNat Forum doing this. You could also test out to see if the same thing happens on their forum. https://meta.discourse.org/

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Thank you! It appears it was stuck with old version of Chrome, now I onlly have to find out how to add it to the screen again, it gave e an option to do it, not it doesn’t.

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Oh good!

If you go to the forum in Chrome, then click the three dots / settings, near the bottom there is an option “Add to Home screen”. That one worked for me.

I’m using Mi browser, I found it after long holding of “fave star” button, thank you!

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