"Files"(photo) not responding to select photos for upload

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): android

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Step 1: go to upload observation

Step 2: choose an option- camera or files

Step 3: choose option for files-> goes to page with “camera” files/gallery files and no files load like they should. Page is blank. Eventually an error message will appear saying: “Files not responding. Close app?/Wait?”

I made screenshots but i can’t load them here either as the same thing happens.

If the issue is persisting on both iNat itself and the Forum, I would guess it is something with your device. iNat and this forum are totally different websites (the forum is run by Discourse, different software, servers, etc.)

Are you able to drag images int the upload page?

Have you tried turning off browser extensions and seeing if that helps?

Thanks. That helps.

I haven’t but I’ll try that and see. Thank you.