Calendar for life list seems wrong

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Description of problem When I click on Calendar for June 11 it shows 86 taxa and 97 observations. What is confusing is that it shows 104 life firsts. How can I have more life firsts then observations? I love using this part although I admit is has been a while. I’m thinking it is could multiple part of taxonomy as a first or something.

I know there use to be a setting on how far it went down but can’t find it so I don’t know if that is this issue or not.

Here is the link to my page:

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Could it be it counts different taxon levels as new ones?
e.g. both Inga and
Inga cretacea
In fact, I wasnted to add a bug report about calendars as it’s buggy and it doesn’t count a lot of what you actually saw that day.


It’s counting multiple levels. I have 3 firsts from the same observation on my calendar today.


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This is the solution.

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