"Life List Firsts" excluding species if more than 200 observations

Platform (Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox) : Firefox

Description of problem: I noticed I had 30 “life list firsts” on a date, then I added more observations, pushing the number of observations over 200 for that date. The “life list first” number dropped. When I added more, it dropped again. It looks like the “life list firsts” only counts those species within the first 200 observations on a given date. Note that no one agreed or disagreed with my observations in that time period. This bug is trivial but I wanted to report it if it hadn’t been reported before.


There is a maximum of 200 observations shown per day on the calendar feature. More info can be seen in this open feature request to increase that number: Show 500 observations on Calendar pages


I would expect the “Life List Firsts” number to be correct for the date even if only 200 observations are shown on the page.

Since this was already noted on the page you linked, my report can be deleted. Thanks

Closing this topic as requested by the OP.