Camera lens type used not appearing in my photo metadata

I have noted that photos that I have posted there is no details of type of lens used that’s attached to my camera. On checking other observations posted I note that there is Lens information in details of photographs (i)

Do you use multiple lens and if so, are any strictly manual lenses? I know at least with my setup that my lens is strictly manual and therefore, cannot communicate with the camera body at all, so all of the lens information is always null. (I’m not sure if this is the same case with lenses that have both MF and AF).

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iNat can only show metadata that it is given - are you sure your photos initially had lens data attached to them before uploading?


Check that your camera is set to record this information. Some cameras or lens models might not automatically include lens data in metadata or the setting might be disabled.

I use basically two lens and both are AF lens. One is a telephoto lens the other a macro lens. Both lens are not on the photo details, but the camera details are.

I will check to see next up load.

Some lens models might not automatically include data in metadata & also make sure to include EXIF data info when posting photos reason is some observatory devices lack that details.

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Use a tool like to check if the metadata is in the file. If not, then it’s an unrelated issue to iNat.

If the metadata is in the file, but does not show up on iNat, then it will be an issue the developers have to fix. For that, post a link to an example observation.

Please share an image here or with via Dropbox, Google Drive, or some other method that doesn’t strip the photo’s metadata from it so we can take a look.

Also, knowing your photo workflow would be really helpful.

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