Can a user still delete an identification?

So I noticed that an observation had an identification from a user earlier today. When I checked it again just now, that identification was gone. Not changed or withdrawn, but completely gone.

Is it still possible to delete an identification? I thought that was removed a while ago.

Nothing was changed in regard to that, you can check it yourself too (without actually clicking on it).

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Since 2016 when I came aboard you could delete an observation from the down-arrow next to the Edit button. From the drop down menu pick Delete and confirm. I use it to delete duplications that creep in.

I was asking about deleting an identification. I’m curious if this is a feature or a bug.


Click the down arrow next to where you entered the ID and hit the Edit option (not the Withdraw option), then go way down to the lower right hand corner and hit delete. It worked for me just now.


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