I show up mistakenly as an identifier

I got a notification about an observation that shows me as making an identification, which I never did. Is there a simple way to delete “my” I.d.?

Link to the obs?
If you can see ‘your’ ID you can delete it there.

Perhaps you simply accidently clicked agree or added your id to the wrong observation?

You can simply delete it by clicking the arrow on your identification then clicking “edit”. Next, simply click delete. Alternatively, you can just withdraw your identification.


According to your profile, you have made one ID:

You got a notification because someone else added an ID/comment. You can either delete your comment, unsubscribe from the post, or turn off notifcations


Problem solved!
I selected “withdraw” under the “edit” arrow.
Thanks to all of you for the help.

:eyes: How does this link have 117 clicks?!

Multiple clicks from some people

They don’t count multiple clicks, it only counts one per person/

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I have no idea. I didn’t even notice that

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Pareto principle on social media. 1 writes the post. 9 more engage with it. But 90 more silently read along. They are unkindly labelled stalkers, but, reality check, most readers do not visibly engage. They are still here, part of our iNat community.