Can agencies and/or organizations establish and administer projects?

I am a volunteer at an Arizona State Park and endeavor to establish a project to include an annual bioblitz. Moreover, it is entirely possible that this effort could be duplicated for other units within the State Park system. Thus, it would be logical for the project ownership and administration to reside with the Park(s) rather than an individual. Whereas, the project(s)’ longevity would most likely transcend the employment of any individual within the Park.

I moved this from feature requests to general. It’s my understanding and experience that organizations can already establish and administer projects. It’s certainly a common practice.

Yes, this is fine, but we ask that the organizational account not be a primary account for posting observations (unless you need to reach 50 verifiable observations). Observations and IDs should be made by individual accounts.

Definitely use a generic email address for the account, there have been many times when a park worker uses their own work email account and after they leave the organization no one can log in or request a new password.

Thank you very much for your response. I am new to iNat., thus was not aware that a Park could be a member and administrator of projects. I did not notice this capability when I established my membership and subsequent attempt to establish a project on behalf of the Park that I volunteer for.

Thanks for the input. I will pursue my endeavor accordingly. Please tell me how the Park can establish a project in consideration of the requirement for 50 or more observations. Thanks in advance.

It depends if you want to use a traditional or collection project. For the latter you don’t need any observations. Please see for information about projects.

By far the most important attribute we have noticed in regards to project success is that everyone running the project should be experienced with iNaturalist, so I recommend not publicizing any projects until you are very familiar with the platform and the community. Take time to really understand how it all works before asking others to do so.


Thanks for the very good advice. I’m trying to become familiar with the workings and all the subtle nuances of iNat by logging on and working with my observations and the other functions of the system in pursuit of being able to assist others when the time comes. I will appreciate any suggestions and/or comments regarding how to setup a project on behalf of our state park and the bio blitz we plan to conduct this spring including any limitations involved with the 50 observation requirement for establishing a project.

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