Can I add tally and site within location to an iNaturalist project?

To easily analyse / interpret the data collected for my project it would be really helpful if I could separate different sites within the same forest and add a tally for the number of each organisms found at each site on each visit. A dropdown menu for the sites or some way to emphasize the location information (latitude and longitude) would be good.

You can create an observation field that has a drop down of choices for your different sites. Then you can sort your observations by observation field value.

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One thing you can try is creating a collector project for each of the smaller areas, then an umbrella project for the larger forest. Or you can download the data and analyze it off-site in your own mapping software or even just setting up lat/long bins in an excel spreadsheet.

To use a collector project you would need to create a place for each site. If the GPS was slightly off observations could end up in the wrong place if the sites were very close to each other. In that case it would be better to use traditional projects and then put those together in an umbrella project.

Thank-You for your suggestion. I have tried to create an observation field with a drop down menu. It will not save the save button just says “saving”. It only allows a range of numbers but I only want a single number. It also says they have to be separated by “pipes”, I’m unsure what “pipes” are but I’m sure they aren’t on my keyboard. Any advice?

I’ve never made an observation field, only used them. I never looked into how it’s done. Sorry.

‘Pipes’ are the vertical line character that looks like this |

Exactly where it is on your keyboard will vary by language, I doubt I can suggest where to look since my keyboard is Danish, and it is likely a solid guess yours is not. But if you just scan your keyboard you should find it.

The pipe character is achieved by using SIFT+BACKSLASH on my English keyboard. The backslash key walks around on keyboards though. :)

My “pipe” is on the right-hand side of the keyboard, left of the number pad, below Backspace and above Enter.

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