Adding sightings to a Project

I want to add sightings already in my iNaturalist data to a specific project. Is there a way to add a group of sightings, say based on lo0cation or date or some other “filter” factor to a project? I certainly do not want to re-enter each and every sighting again for each project.

It depends on what type of project it is, is it a traditional project (home page will look like this)

or a new style collection projects (looks like this)

If it is one of the newe ones, then all your records that meet the project criteria are automatically added to it, no action is needed on your part. To see the little project badge on your observation, you need to follow the project.

If it is one of the old style, then yes there are things you can do. Which type is it ?

There are both types of format - different projects. How do i “follow the project”? where do I check off that option? Also, I want to filter my observations to those that will fit the intended project - but can’t figure what I did to get to the “batch edit” where I can checkmark the items and then go up to the “add to project” choice. I just tested doing that with an observation, but when I looked at my “toal observations” for the project there was no change.

In iNaturalist on the web, click on image in the top left corner. Then click on [ Observations ] that has the binoculars.
Then click on [Search] and fill in search arguments, clicking [search] button when completed.
Click [Batch Edit] button. Check individual boxes, or Select [All] | [Today] | [None]
Then select [Add to Project] etc.

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