Can I be logged in to an Android and iPhone at the same time?

As the title says. I can try it out, but I wanted to ask first if anyone has tried this. I recently got a “work phone” and I might as well be prepared to find something cool on a job site.


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Yes. I’m currently logged in to iNat on my iPhone, my iPad, my Android device, in Seek on two devices, and on my browser.


Just noting… ~sometimes~ when I am logged in on multiple iOS platforms, I find I am logged out when I try to switch to another. Since I rarely log out on purpose, I’ve wondered If it might have something to do with switching from an iPad - to computer - to phone?

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iPad won’t save you logged in for long, phone browser most likely too, it’s in their “short” memory, so it’s getting lost and rewritten, on iPad it can get you logged off while you switch on another tab.

To be clear, you’re referring to the iPad’s browser, correct? Not the iNat mobile app?

Yes, app is working fine.

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