Can I create a sub project from an existing Project


I am, currently, running event - Monsoon Beauty 2022

As part of this event I am planning to organize a sub-event specifically for beetles - a beetle week , as described in this forum post.

I am reluctant to create a new project and then ask people to join , again.

Is there a way i can create a sub project / project based on the already sent up event ** and the already joined users** So that the users of the existing project automagically show up on the new sib-event.

So far the only solution I seem to have is to create a URL based on parameters to filter the dates and the taxa like this example of Beetles during the period 1st August to 12th August

This data and visualisation is adequate for the purposes of the project but I am afraid that it does not provide the same ease of a one click link to know what is going on.

Any suggestions

thank you

This is a Traditional project. In looking over the edit possibilities for a Traditional project I see this option:
Project List: You can create a custom project list of taxa and link it to your project. This can be useful to restrict observations added to your project to those matching taxa on your list via the “must be taxon on the project list” rule.
[Check box] Display link to project list from project page

I wonder if that would help. You might have to duplicate the current project and then add a project list (with the “list” being just Coleoptera) to the spin-off project.

Beautiful project banner, by the way.

Thank you, I did try duplicating the project. The members are not “carried forward”.

I am seeing that first option of “traditional projects” does not show up. And I cannot see an option to link either.

I can create a project for the taxa (Coleoptera), I probably could also add all the users by name, but I think that may prevent new users from joining.


Hmm, well this is kind of lame, but you could put your filter URL into a Journal entry for the project so those who see that could use it as a shortcut, but I don’t know if members see the Journal entries unless they specifically look for them. Hope you get a better suggestion. Good luck!

Thanks, still sorting it out, but I think a separate project will be best and then inform each of the members posting beetles to join.


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