What would be the easiest way to get a taxonomic list of species in a genus in a state?

I’d like to export a taxonomic csv for Catocala species that have been recorded from Florida. I can filter the FL checklist but when I try to export a taxonomic csv it times out and I suspect that the filtering is not working or that I’m otherwise missing something. I could just filter in Explore, export the results, and get unique values for this particular example but that seems clunky.

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I haven’t done a whole lot with exporting (none with checklists), but checklists are not the same thing as iNat records. If you want to know which species of Catocala have been observed from Florida, use the Explore download option.


If you just want a list of species and not every observation you could try the tool @pisum created:


So this in .csv format? https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=21&taxon_id=83842&view=species

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Good grief! Who came up with these American English “common names” for these SE US underwing moths?

“Little wife” “Girlfriend” “Consort” “Connubial” “Betrothed” “Bride” “Widow” “Darling” “Little nymph” “Sappho” and “Delilah” underwings.

Then the emotional names: inconsolable, penitent, tearful…

Several of these names are just translations of the Latin names, many of which come from this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achille_Guenée


Thanks! You’re right about the Latin, which makes the collection of names ~200 years old.


There lay not be very many species in this fenus for Florida. This checklist only has 4 species in that genus

No idea if it’s a complete list though.

Yes, exactly

That is pretty cool and the best I’ve seen yet although I’d love a way not dependent upon a possibly-ephemeral tool like this if there is one that’s not too time-consuming.

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