Observations don't show up in a project I'm a member of

My observations wont show in a project im a member off. Can someone tell me why?

It could be several reasons. Could you tell us the project name and an example observation?

Some projects need observations added manually, some require certain quality grades, some have certain boundaries and obscuring could be effecting it.


The project is called “via-pr18v-vm2” and it should have all my observations, but non of them is in there.

The project should have non restrictions. For many off my class mates its working without thy did anything.

When I see my contribution to the project it says, “horns” have not made any observations to this project.

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There are restrictions, but none should prevent yours from showing up. I’m guessing this isn’t a collection project, but one where you have to add the observations specifically. Perhaps someone that knows how to tell will look. Try adding the project to one of your observations.

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How do I do that?

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That is not the problem unfortunately. The old style projects have a different user interface so they are easy to recognize.

My best guess is this is just an indexing delay on the database and that the data management processes just need to catch up.

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So I just have to wait?

If that is the problem then yes. One thing you can try is going into the observations and removing your yes votes on the date and location are accurate. You really dont need to do that and changing those can force an update.


I tried joining the project so that I would see if it was showing one of your observations as being in the project on the observation page… and I noticed when joining that there is a list of project members in the join page just prior to me clicking the confirm button:

I don’t see your name or user ID showing in that list, so maybe try leaving the project and re-joining it (perhaps the criteria was added after you joined it the first time)… and if that doesn’t work, you might need to get the project owner to manually add you to the project members.

If you still have problems, comment back here and we can look into it further


@tiwane is there any issues with project members as a criteria that might affect this? I note that the criteria on the project main page show as:
and the drop down of members at the top right shows as:

In other projects where it was specific user observations it has listed them in that criteria section… I would have thought “Project Members Only” would pick up ALL members?

For anyone looking into this:

project link:

the account:

an observation that should be picked up:

Do you think this is a related problem? https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/members-joined-list-not-showing-up-on-collection-projects/11531

Not sure… @pleary ?

I’m wondering if this is a project that was set up before the new feature of “members only” projects, and perhaps they were adding user_ids as criteria initially, but then switched over to the new “members only”. Having the criteria as well probably means the observations have to meet both criteria, ie in the list and also a member!

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The issue here is the project is a “Members Only” project, but it also has an explicit list of user rules. As a result we’re showing observations from users who are in the intersection of the two sets - members who are also explicitly listed as member rules. The project curator should remove all the explicit member rules if they want to feature observation from all members.


It looks like there is only one person, with user name “anitasoe,” who can fix this. That person is the creator and administrator of the project.

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