Cannot find link to create a traditional project

I cannot find the link anymore on to start a new traditional project! Where is this link now?

You now need to have 50 verifiable observations in order to create a new place or traditional project:

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I now have 50 verifiable observations. So where do I go to start a new traditional project?

Do you see this on the create-a-project page?

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Oh, now I know why this looks so familiar.

All this should still work, now with 50 verifiables.

Hello all, the most recent link posted isn’t working. I’m attempting to create a traditional project by emailing them at

@jane166, you first need to create 50 observations that meet the following criteria before you can create a traditional project:

  • has an image or sound
  • has a date
  • has a GPS location
  • isn’t something that was planted or a captive/non-wild animal

More info here:

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