Traditional Projects - how do I create one?

I’m working for a resource conservation district in socal. A former employee created an inat traditional project. I’m in charge of the project now and I’ve been trying to create another one but have had no luck! I can change the old one but can’t make a new one.
I am teaching others how to map invasive shot hole borers in native trees, so the unique observation fields is where it’s at. In my own personal account, I’ve added over 50 observations but still no luck on making a traditional project.


Hi :) ! Have you tried using this link?


Did that work?

Alternatively, although you have posted over 50 observations (51), only 15 are verifiable (yeh: if it is planted then it is not “verifiable” - dont ask!), and 4 have no pictures. Perhaps if you add pictures to the four observations, or add four more observations then you will go over the threshhold?

No it wont: the requirement is 50 verifiable observations, so you need to post 35 more unplanted trees to be able to create a project.

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Good luck with your project. (
I am having no luck with my project

((Possibly because I am based in Cape Town and it has not arrived yet (well it did but was eliminated) - but it is a serious pest in other cities, where entire avenues have disappeared; Also the City has promised that if you post it on their website, they will remove the tree within two working days))

If you have any tips or advice on how to get is rolling, I would love to hear.

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