Adding initial 50 observations to start a project

I’m starting a project for my botany class while we are locked out of our school during the pandemic. I created the project.
Now how to I add observations? I keep reading that I need 50 observations. What does that mean exactly?

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Hi Nathan, welcome to iNaturalist!

The 50 observations requirement doesn’t apply to “collection” projects (like the one you linked to). It only applies to “traditional” projects, which are more taxing on the iNaturalist servers. So, no worries.

Observations that meet your project’s settings will automatically appear, so there are a few things you may want to edit in your project settings so that observations start showing up:

-remove check next to casual and needs ID
-remove annotation “life stage”
-check the box “Only display observations from project members (people who have joined the project)” (if you haven’t already)

You can read more about managing projects here:


Yay! That did it. You are awesome. Thanks for speedy response.

Best wishes, Nate


perfect. happy iNatting!


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