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In the android-app under Activity there is a Following tab. What is this supposed to show? I see some observations I have ID’ed and some observations by people I follow. However there is no activity since mid May, even if I try to update by pull down. I would like it to show recent observations by people I follow - like I can on the website.

Following tab shows updates on observations you ided or added comment on and that are not yours.

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If that’s true, then Android diverges from the web app where the “Following” tab lists “observations from people, places, and taxa you’re following.”

On iOS, there is no “Following”, at least as far as I know.

I don’t follow any places or taxa, so maybe they also are shown there, main app notification system problem imo is there’s no notifications for somments in project/profile posts at all.

So there is not way to see updates in the app (Android) from the people I follow?

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