@ Notifications Don't Show Up In My Activity Feed

When someone @ tags me in iNaturalist, I get a notification in my daily email digest, but no where else. Is there a way to get @ notifications in my activity feed? The only notification I turned off was confirming ID.

If this isn’t a feature at present, I’d move this to a feature request. I’d love to get @ notifications in my activity feed.


Need more info. Is this on the app? Desktop? (if so, which browser?)


On the Android app.

I have never used the Android app, so can’t specifically comment on functionality there, but you should be getting notifications when at tagged. Has this always happened to you, or something that has only recently stopped working?

I don’t think the Android app shows notifications for tags. I’ve only ever received notifications for the comment and not the tag itself.

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The Android app has notifications for your content, and for content you are Following. If someone at-mentions you on an observation that isn’t yours and that you aren’t Following, you won’t get a notification.

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Ok, if this isn’t a bug or a feature I’m missing, I can make this a feature request.