Can´t comment, can´t Fav observations, can´t include observations in projects

Hi iNat team, I am having a problem with my account. I asked @Aztekium to check if he was having the same issues, but his account with Naturalista MX is ok. I am using

Description of problem

1: I try to comment someone´s observation and I can’t.

2: I try to Fav someone’s observation and I can’t.

3: I tried to include an observation to a project : to and I can´t.

Is someone going through the same thing? The “fav” thing is happening since yesterday. It’s not my internet connection. I tried refreshing a lot, but nothing happened.

Thanks in advance.

these problems remind me of some of the problems reported for the API v2: do you have an option on your page to opt out of the test?

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Oh, Fixed! It was an API V2 problem. Thanks for your help @pisum :)