Can the parent ID actually be used?

I drafted a feature request on this but haven’t had it posted because I wanted to check if this was actually possible.

I want to be able to use the taxon ID to set the parent of a taxon like the Curator Guide suggests is possible (see screenshot below), but I can’t figure out how to actually do it, and everything I’ve tried (which seems like it should work) has not worked.

“just paste in the ID” is the text I am referring to, but paste it where? and then what? The Guide does not elaborate. If we can figure this out I will change this paragraph to be more accurate.

It works exactly as described for me, I do it regularly for creating infrageneric taxonomy.
E.g. recently we created complexes/species groups for Phidippus, so I replaced the taxon ID of the genus with the taxon ID of the respective complex, then press my Enter key and it saves.


If you want to test it on something less impactful, there are always a few dandelion species with 0 observations that can be moved into their sections…

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Just tested it on our staging server and it works when editing a taxon. Also works when creating a new taxon and committing a taxon swap.

When editing a taxon, you have to make sure you remove the text from the “Parent name” box. You might have to enter the Parent ID again.

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Thank you! So clear the Parent name box, put the ID in the ID box, and then press enter? That saves the changes right away, right?

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Just tested what I suggested, and it works! @tiwane I didn’t actually have to remove the text from the Parent name box, it worked anyway. Should it not work?

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