Edit a related taxon from the Taxonomy tab (curators only)

On the taxon page, Taxonomy tab, I’d like to be able to directly open the taxon edit page. Right now I have to a) open the new taxon, 2) scroll down, 3) click Curation, then 4) click Edit Taxon. Being able to edit the taxon directly from the taxonomy tab would save me a lot of time.

I would foresee this by default opening the link in the same tab, though I would myself typically ctrl+click or middleclick to open in a new tab.

One of many little things that would help improve taxonomic curation on iNat. Thanks!


What are you usually doing on the taxon edit page? I feel like one can do more harm than good on that page and encouraging curators to muck around in there is maybe not the best idea. On the other hand, we already trust curators to muck around in there, so maybe I shouldn’t be so paranoid. Does anyone else want this?

Usually grafting to a different parent.

Ah, so you’re looking at a taxon page, you see it has some children that don’t belong, and you want to graft those children to another parent. Ok, that seems reasonable.

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Also when preparing for a genus-level change (complete or partial) where the species can’t be handled just by “Move Children to Output” (which is frequently the case), this would make it more efficient and straightforward to visit all the relevant children.

Even more efficient, in addition to a direct edit button, would be a direct click to create a taxon change for a taxon, instead of having to go through the taxon edit window, or separately find one’s way to https://www.inaturalist.org/taxon_changes/new. But slap me down if that is off-topic here :wink:

What would you be doing at the edit page here? or are you still referring to changing parents?

The edit page is the main place (in my workflows so far) where I access the link to “Add a taxon swap if you want to change the name” for that taxon (near upper left). My preference would be not to use the edit page at all, but instead have direct links from the same taxon tab you show above to start a taxon change for any name being displayed.

So, next to your pencil icon on each name would also be some kind of icon for change ( :arrow_up_small: :small_red_triangle: :gear: - sorry, I’m not the whiz with screenshot modifications :wink:) that would immediately open a draft taxon change window for that taxon.

If I am missing another existing workflow that would be just as efficient, would definitely like to know about it!

Oh! Thanks!

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