Can we import a CSV or text list of taxa into a project?

I am wondering if it is possible to create a “Project” listing all the species that my state (Texas) lists as Species of Greatest Conservation Need. The rationale for doing this is that our local Master Naturalist Program encourages its volunteers to identify records for the taxa on that list. But there is no way for me to search for taxa that are on that list.

I was thinking about making a project that included all records for Texas for species on that list. But there are over 1000 taxa on that list, so adding them one taxon at a time to the project would be impossible. Is there a way to “import” a list of taxa into the project’s taxon parameters?

My goal would be that our Master Naturalists could log into that project and identify taxa within that project list. I’m sure there would be other benefits to the TPWD individuals to have such a list/project if they already don’t.


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No, this isn’t possible for collection projects. Currently the taxa have to be entered one by one. But there is an existing feature request to use an associated taxon list for filtering collection projects:

For traditional projects, you can, and here’s what that looks like:

But you will probably want to use a collection project since you don’t have to manually add observations to it.

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